New paradigms in esthetic dentistry

Afholdes af Dentsply Sirona Implants

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The lecture will focus on the new paradigms in esthetic dentistry. Starting from the basic concepts that gives the bases for a deep esthetic and functional analysis, will be evaluated the traditional and digital workflow of the prosthetic rehabilitation using the cutting edge digital technology available on the market.

Attention will be given to the complete sequence of the esthetic treatment: from the digital impression, going through the step-by-step digital planning of complex multidisciplinary cases, up to the full digitalization of the patient. The use of new types of materials, as well as the application of innovative approaches, will be the key to a modern concept of the esthetic and functional rehabilitation.

Target group

Dentists who aim to improve esthetic and function in their rehabilitation on implant and natural teeth.

Part I – Esthetic Analysis: how to analyse the key factors fundamental to obtain an ideal treatment plan

Facial analysis
Dento-labial analysis
Soft tissue analysis

Part II – Functional Analysis: key points to obtain a functional rehabilitation with optimal orientation of the occlusal plan

CR vs MI: which occlusal scheme we have to use and when
Vertical Dimension Evaluation: why, when and how to increase the vertical dimension
Occlusal scheme and anterior guidance

Part III – Digital dentistry: future or reality?

The digital patient concept
Traditional vs Digital: it’s time to change?
Computer guided surgery benefits in daily practice

Part IV – Materials in esthetic dentistry

Zirconium vs Lithium disilicate
Monolithic approach vs layered approach
Tips & Tricks of the new materials


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