Afholdes af Eltident ApS (Camlog)

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• The program consists of four modules, taught over a period of two modules per week.

• You only need to travel twice a year. Spending a full week with like-minded persons and great networking opportunities.

• The OR Curriculum covers all accommodation and transfer costs between universities.

• All modules have to be completed within one year.

• In between the modules, in order to prepare for your course, you will have to sign-in to our online study forum (hosted by     INSIGHTS Dental), read selected publications and prepare your own case presentation(s) for discussion.

• The OR Curriculum covers topics such as basics of implant dentistry, treatment planning, surgical and prosthetic techniques as well as treatment of complications.

• All courses are held in English.

• At the completion of the program and after successful examination, participants will receive an OR Foundation diploma signed by the four academic study leaders and an individual certifi cate for each completed module.


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