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The tilted implant approach has been a revolutionary technique that has changed the way total implant-supported rehabilitation is done. Increased patient comfort, time savings, cost savings, and improved esthetic outcome are just some of the advantages brought by these treatments in modern dentistry. Thanks to new trans-sinusal and trans-crestal implant placement methods, it is possible to avoid bone grafting and take advantage of residual bone by tilting the implants not only in the mesto-distal but also in the palatovestibular direction. During this course you will learn how to provide immediate aesthetic rehabilitation a few hours after surgery ensuring immediate loading in every situation. Techniques for managing and improving the appearance of perioral soft tissues with injectables (fillers and botulinum toxin) will also be presented. Through dissection of anatomical preparations, the anatomy of the face and facial aging will be evaluated in detail, identifying anatomical areas of 'interest and respect for treatments and areas of attention.


The entire team has gained extensive experience in treating edentulous patients with the use of fillers and tilted implants by successfully achieving more than 15 years of follow-up.


You will be able to try the original protocols with your own hands and place implants according to the Tilted Implants approach. Through surgery on anatomical preparation, it will be possible for each participant to try in real bone every rehabilitation option for atrophic jaws: All-on-4 maxillary and mandibular, Trans-Sinus, Trans-Crestal, Pterygoid and Zygomatic implants. Thanks to the hands-on session, each participant will have the opportunity to perform the treatments with fillers and aesthetic medicine on anatomical preparation, using specially colored products for their subsequent detection in the tissues. During the session also new techniques of intraoral approach to soft tissue rehabilitation will be shown.


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