Advanced implant course, London

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Expand your dental implant skills. Learn the most up to date surgical techniques and explore the latest technological advances in implant dentistry all in one place. Increase the number of implant cases you perform each year.


Course delivery

The course is delivered via lectures, surgical videos, hands-on practicals and live surgery demonstrations. Laptops with implant planning software are provided for case planning workshops.

After course support

After the course, you will be part of the Guy's College Alumni network, have access to Dr Guy for case support as well as a range of other Alumni benefits and discounts. You will also be able to access clinical support with Dr Guy at our implant training clinics in Cardiff and Bristol.



Guided Surgery - Day 1 & 2

- Use Nobel DTX Digital Implant Planning Software
- Use CBCT scans to determine optimal implant positioning
- Create 3D printed Surgical Guides for implant placement
- Perform flapless surgery in under 30 minutes
- Combination Guided surgery with flaps and bone augmentation

Bone Grafting Techniques - Day 3 & 4

- Onlay Block Grafting
- Ridge Spplitting Techniques
- Advanced Simultaneous Grafting
- Membrane Fixation with Screws and Tacks
-Predictable Socket Grafting with over 98% volume preservation

Immediate Placement, All-On-4 and Immediate
Loading - Day 5 & 6

- All-On-4 same day teeth
- All-on-many immediate loading
- Immediate Placement & Immediate Loading

Sinus Graft and Sinus Lift - Day 7 & 8

- Lateral Window Sinus Graft
- Crestal Approach Sinus Lifts
- Piezosurgery

X-Guide Digital Navigation - Day 9 & 10

- X-guide System from X-Nav
- Real Time GPS for Implant Surgery
- Increased placement accuracy with Virtual Guides
- CT scan to Surgery in one visit



David Guy

Dr David Guy is principal implant dentist at 18 Wimpole Street, in the Harley Street Medical District, and also has dental implant clinics in Cardiff and Bristol. He is the founder and Principal of Guy’s College, Marylebone, London.  He qualified as a dentist from Cardiff Dental School, where he was awarded the Wystan Peach prize for Restorative Dentistry. He completed, with Distinction, his Masters Degree in Implant Dentistry at Warwick Medical School. He then completed, again with Distinction, his post-graduate Certificate in Restorative Dentistry at the Eastman Institute, University College London. He was the first person to have been awarded a Fellowship of the British Society of Oral Implantology. David was an Associate Fellow of the Clinical Institute of Education at Warwick Medical School where he taught on the MSc Implant Dentistry course prior to founding an independent implant teaching facility which subsequently became Guy's College. David has also been involved in research in stem cell technology for bone regeneration with Swansea University. Between 2010 and 2012 he pioneered a new protocol for alveolar ridge augmentation (socket grafting) using a three layer approach, which has become widely used and in a recent study demonstrated a highly impressive bone volume preservation of between 95% and 105%, far in excess of most other techniques reported in the literature to date.  David has been using Guided Surgery for well over ten years and is also an experienced X-guide user. David believes in striving to push forwards the boundaries of what is achievable in clinical implant dentistry.



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