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Afholdes af Eltident ApS (Camlog)

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Camlog afholder i samarbejde med CMF-instituttet i Wien og det anatomiske institut på Wiens universitet kursus i anatomisk dissektion, knogleopbygnings-procedurer og implantatindsættelse på humane objekter.

Kursusgivere: Prof.dr.Rolf Ewers,dr. Astrid Reichwein og dr. Rudolf Seemann

Pris: 2280EUR. Herunder præsentation på engelsk:


Guided implant placement, live surgery procedures

(validated by the Österreichische Zahnärztekammer ZFP-ÖZÄK)

Prof. Dr. Dr. Rolf Ewers
Dr. Dr. Astrid Reichwein
Dr. Rudolf seemann

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This three-day course is designed for surgically active practitioners, who want to enhance their experience in GBR and grafting/bone harvesting techniques. Comprehensive information on the human cranial and oral anatomy will be given in a theoretical session.

Each participant will spend one day in the dissection laboratory where extensive hands-on exercises on human specimens will be performed.
Nerve and artery preparation/dissection, graft harvesting procedures utilizing standard preparation techniques, sinus elevation and bone splitting procedures including implant placement will be exercised.

3D planning of complex cases and the prosthetic aspects of guided implant placement will be presented. A live surgery using the CAMLOG® Guide system will be performed in the CMF Institute/ CAMLOG Competence Center.


On the first evening, we are going to have dinner together in a “Heuriger”, an exceptional type of restaurant only to be found in Austria in general and in Vienna, in particular. The word “Heuriger” s so specifically Austrian that no English term exists for it. It is the name given to a wine tavern and restaurant, where patrons can experience a traditional and cozy atmosphere (“Gemütlichkeit”) and where originally only the most recent year’s wine was served. There is also a specific kind of music and special food typical for a “Heuriger”.



Day 1 – CMF institute

9am - 6pm


. Anatomical considerations in conjunction with GBR and dental implant procedures

Critical issues: nerve structures, blood vessels, sinus, nasal and oral cavities

Changes of Paradigm in Implantology

Introduction of the Anatomical Institute and dissection room.
Approaches step by step MANDIBLE:
-Mental Region
-Posterior Mandible
-Transmucosal or epiperiostal preparation of Implant insertion

Approaches step by step MAXILLA:
-Anterior Region
-Lateral Region
-Transmucosal or epiperiostal preparation and Implant insertion

Evening event

Dinner at “Heuriger”

Day 2 – Anatomical institute

9am - 5pm

step by step, MANDIBLE:

Mental Region:
Marginal incision
Pichler Plasty
Harvesting of the mental bone
Dissection of the mental nerve
Lateralisation of the mental nerve

Posterior Mandible:
Third molar surgery
Dissection of the lingual nerve
Bone harvesting of the mandibular angle
Exposure of the mandibular canal
Bone splitting and PSP techniques
Onlay plasty
Dissection of the envelope periostal flap

Transmucosal or epiperiostal preparation and Implant insertion

step by step, MAXILLA:

Anterior Region:
Marginal incision
Demonstration of the infraorbital nerve
Bone splitting and distraction techniques
Onlay plasty
Lateral Region:
Demonstration of the palatine artery
Sinus lift and graft
Fat pad

Transmucosal or epiperiostal preparation and implant insertion CAMLOG® Instrument presentation

Day 3 – CMF institute

9am - 2pm

CAMLOG® Guide Workflow and hardware
3D planning step by step
3D Planning of complexe implant cases
Prosthetic aspects of guided implant

Live surgery CAMLOG® Guide System
Closing statements and certification ceremony


Course Venues:

Day 1 + Day 3
CMF Institute Vienna
CAMLOG Competence Center
Schumanngasse 15, A-1180 Wien

Day 2
Anatomical Institute
of the Medical University of Vienna
Währingerstrasse 13, A-1090 Wien

Language: English

Course Fee:

€ 2280.– including course materials, coffee breaks, lunches and evening event on first evening


Hotel Regina****
Rooseveltplatz 15, A-1090 Vienna
Phone: +43 1 404 460
Fax: +43 1 408 83 92
Rates: € 153 single room, € 170 double room.
The rates are per room/night incl. breakfast.


Hotel de France

Schottenring 3, A-1010 Wien 

Phone: +43 1 313 68-3361
Fax: +43 1 319 59 69


Rates: € 132 single room, € 158 double room.
The rates are per room/night incl. breakfast

Booking code for both hotels: “CAMLOG”
For reservation, please, contact the hotel directly.

After registration, you will receive a detailed list of all surgical instruments you should take with you to the course. Consumable materials (gown, head protection, mouth protection, gloves etc.) will be provided by the course organization.



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