Webinar: Tips and tricks with IPS - MICROCONE and QUATTROCONE Implants

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Tips and tricks with IPS - MICROCONE and QUATTROCONE Implants of MEDENTiKA

Tips and tricks with MICROCONE and QUATTROCONE Implants of MEDENTiKA: Surgical and prosthetic solutions

The aim of my webinar will be to show You my experiences with the IPS of Medentika. I did some faults, tried to find solutions and see my results now up to 12 years later. Perhaps I can beware you from mistakes or inspire you to find better solutions?

Topics will be:

  • to choose the right implants for different situations
  • how to decide in immediate implantation/ loading
  • prosthetic solutions
  • how to handle problems in implantation or with prosthetics
  • hard/soft-tissue-managing

* The Straumann Group's products and solutions displayed might not be available or cleared in your country. Please consult your local organization for more information.

** The webinar is being recorded. In case you are experiencing issues with the live webinar, due to high traffic, you will be able to enjoy the recorded lecture the following day.


Speaker information

Dr. med. dent. Martin Müllauer

Dr. med. dent.Martin Müllauer

  • 1993 Examination in oral dentistry at Eberhardt Karls UniversityTübingen
  • 1994. PhD University Tübingen
  • Since 2000 Foundation of Zahnärztliche Partnerschaft Markdorf
  • 2003 DGI certificated Curriculum Implantology
  • 2009 OBI – Europe (Orognathic Bioesthetics International) certificated level 3
  • 2016 Board member EDA (European Dental Association)
  • Since 2009 International and national lectureships and publications in implantology and restaurative dentistry
  • 2020 EDA certificated specialist in implantology
  • EDA certificated specialist in esthetic and functional restaurative dentistry


  • Deutsche Gesellschaft f. Implantologie DGI
  • Gnathologischer Arbeitskreis Stuttgart GAK
  • Kemptener Arbeitskreis
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft f. Zahn-, Mund- und Kieferheilkunde DGZMK
  • Akademie Praxis und Wissenschaft APW
  • European Dental Association EDA
  • Studiengruppe Implantologie Euregio


Clinical work together with 5 dentists in Zahnärztliche Partnerschaft Markdorf, dental technician support for digital based immediate implant loading.

Practicing Implantology with ITI-Straumann 20 years, Medentika-IPS 12 years combined with restaurative dentistry.


Specialization and international lectureships in 3D planned and guided implantation.

Minimal-invasive ways in using the Medentika-IPS to avoid augmentation, also in techniques for the surgical and prosthetic workflow of the immediate loading on 4-6 Implants in edentulous and atrophic situation (QuattroFix-concept).





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